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Bibit Buah F1: Tragedy Bangkok Guava Fruit!

So many people who do not know that the real seeds of F1 (hybrid seeds of the first derivative) are entitled to be multiplied, developed and grown. For example, cashew fruit Bangkok used to be so superior and exalted, the advantage is clear because of large size and bear much fruit, however, now people lazy to grow because it bred. How not wormy. Bangkok guava fruit that now is the umpteenth F. Because after eating, immediately planted ..... and so on ..... until the derivative to many. Because the more far more fragile ....

Although much remains loyal to plant, the triumph of guava fruit Bangkok derivatives began to appear thanks to the creativity of the RC Brittle Salatiga (unfortunately now left horticulture as basic research and focused on rubber that is booming) crossing the F-1 guava fruit guava Bangkok with our local red so guava fruit now have a powerful Red Brittle treat Dengue Fever!

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